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Pet Emergency Care & Mobile Check In

Emergency Services at Nashville Veterinary Specialists - Clarksville

If you have a veterinary emergency, please call us at (931) 551-2121 or head to our hospital in Clarksville, TN. Please do not email us for emergency care.

You can now register your pet to be seen before you leave the comfort of your home! Use the button below to start your online registration process.

Symptoms that may signal your pet is having a health emergency:

  • Labored or stopped breathing

  • Discoloration of the mouth (ex: blue or red gums or tongue)

  • Large cuts or wounds that are excessively bleeding or have visible bone

  • Sudden passing out, collapse, or difficulty getting back up 

  • Failure to respond or rouse when called or moved

  • A bite from an unidentified snake or insect 

  • A bite from a wild animal or another pet whose vaccination history is unknown to you

  • Seizures

  • Paralysis of the back legs (especially in cats)

  • Any combination of vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, staggering, difficulty urinating, and excessive panting or drooling may be signs of anaphylactic shock

  • Any combination of swelling, hives, excessive salivation, vomiting, and diarrhea may be symptoms of heatstroke 

If your pet is suffering from any of the above symptoms or is displaying other severe signs of illness please call our Clarksville facility at (931) 551-2121. We accept walk-in emergencies when your primary care veterinarian’s office is closed. Our ER is open 24-hours on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays, plus overnights from 6:00 pm – 6:00 am Monday through Thursday. If you have any doubt if your pet is having an emergency, do not hesitate to call us so we can assist you in determining the urgency of your pet’s health problem.

Nashville Veterinary Specialists - Clarksville

685 Kennedy Lane, Clarksville, TN, 37040

(931) 551-2121


24-hours - Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Holidays

Overnights from 6:00 pm – 6:00 am Monday - Thursday

What You Should Do if Your Pet Is Having an Emergency.

If you suspect your pet is having a medical emergency, please remain calm and follow the below steps so that you can get your pet the treatment they need. Moving confidently, quickly, and safely can keep your pet from becoming more stressed and frightened than they already are.

Get your pet to a safe location.

If your pet is injured near a potential hazard, such as roadways or a venomous snake, carefully move them to safety. Putting a soft cloth over your pet’s eyes and face may calm them down, and towels can make a makeshift stretcher that can help you move your pet. 

Contact our hospital.

Examine your pet and take note of their symptoms, then call us at (931) 551-2121. A quick explanation of your pet’s health emergency can help our veterinary staff prepare to care for your pet. Upon arrival at our hospital, you can provide more details about the injury or ailment your pet is suffering.

Put your pet in your vehicle.

If possible, get another adult to help you move your animal to your car. If necessary, you can provide towels or blankets to your pet to keep them comfortable on the drive over. 

Carefully drive to our hospital. Our staff will provide more instruction upon arrival. 

Not every animal health issue may constitute a medical emergency. The information detailed above will help you assess the severity of your pet’s condition and can help determine the course of action you should take. If there is any doubt regarding your pet’s safety, please call our Clarksville hospital at (931) 551-2121.

ER Mobile Check In FAQ

What happens if I come to the hospital without checking in first?

If you have not checked in online prior to coming in, you can check in to ER Express once you arrive, and depending on the condition of your pet, we will either have a technician triage your pet to see if they need to be seen right away or if they are stable we will ask you to return home to wait until it is your pet's turn to be seen.

What if I decide I no longer want/need to have my pet seen?

Reply “9” to cancel your registration at any time or feel free to call the hospital and let our receptionists know so we can take your pet out of the waiting queue.

How do I know if my pet’s condition is critical and needs to be brought in ASAP vs. stable and able to wait their turn?

We understand it can be confusing when your pet is sick if they need to be rushed into the hospital or not, so we always encourage you to call us at the hospital and we are always happy to answer your questions.

Do you take patients in the order they are checked in? Are you able to give an estimated wait time for my pet to be seen?

We try to take patients in the order they are checked in but they are also triaged by a three-tier system, with priority 1 patients always seen first.

Priority 1: May survive if life-saving measures are applied. *Examples: poisoning, collapse, bloat (GDV), active seizures, allergic reactions, traffic accident, difficulty breathing, urinary tract blockage, and heatstroke.

Priority 2: Likely to survive if care is given within hours. *Examples: closed fractures, diarrhea, actively vomiting, bowel obstruction, and urinary tract infections.

Priority 3: Non-life-threatening conditions. *Examples: skin conditions, lameness, abscess, minor wounds, sore eyes/ears, and chronic diseases.

I live an hour away, will I have enough time to arrive at the hospital once you have contacted me to be seen?

Yes! Once we send you a text to head into the hospital, please text us your ETA so the team can prepare for your arrival. Don't forget to text ARRIVED once you're in the parking lot. Please be aware that changes may arise because critical patients do take priority.

Myself or someone in my household is immune compromised and we are self quarantining, are you able to provide curbside service?

If possible, we ask if someone outside of the household is able to bring your pet in to be seen. If no one else is available to bring your pet in and they need to be seen, we would proceed with curbside service and one of our technicians will wear appropriate PPE when accompanying your pet inside the hospital.